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White Kids Without

iPads Foundation

Putting the Asian back in Caucasian.

No pigment?

No problem.

Inspired by American comedic genius and internet media magnate Mr. Adam Lakers Carolla, the White Kids Without iPads Foundation ensures that underprivileged White Anglo-Saxon Protestant children are given an iPad for home and school use.  Learn more!

Touch times financially?

We’re here to help.

Parental qualifications include a yearly household income of less than $250,000 USD per year and children must be of WASP genetics and a legal dependent. Ethnic minority parents with adopted WASP children qualify, however special restrictions do apply.  Learn more!

Technologically slow?

No white child left behind.

Adam Carolla personally guarantees each and every WASP Certified child the most recent iPad version including beta-releases.  Also, 100 shares of Apple common-stock upon successful high school graduation! (Private schools only.)

Learn more!

With a vision of Jobsonian proportions, Founder and Chairman Adam Carolla

recently launched his White Kids Without iPads Foundation on “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

“Think whitey and give generously.” - Adam Carolla, Podineer Extraordinaire

Think whitey